The Cleaning Book Clean til' it gleams

Your Cleaning Habits

Your Cleaning Habits

Really, there are four different types of people. Do you know what type of cleaning profile that you fit? Some of us are definitely dirty. Some of us are just one step ahead of the dirt pile. Many of us are ‘considered’ average in our cleaning. Then of course, there are the ‘kings and queens of clean’ –which really is where we all want to be!

If your home is ‘dirty’ all the time, as mine was before I started keeping myself on a ‘schedule’  - you most likely have kids that are keeping you busy running from one end of the house to the others during their every waking moment. Throw in the cat and dog running in the house, the gerbil, and your full time job, and I can relate to why your house is dirty all the time.

Using this book, you can learn to clean your home till it gleams, and you are going to be able to get yourself on a schedule so that you too can feel like the king or queen of your castle as it will be cleaner more often!

If you are just a step ahead of the dirt piling up in your house, or if you feel that, you have the average clean home, you too are going to learn how to save time in cleaning. You will learn more about how to clean your home better, and how to keep your home clean without as much effort by using some of these tips.

While we all have our own short cuts and time savers, adding to those that you already use, your home will gleam when it is clean also! You will soon be the king or queen of your home  - cleaning on a schedule, cleaning less, and having a home that you can accept company into any time no matter what day of the week it is!

You don’t have to be middle of the road – just clean enough, to the I have been cleaning all day house – I am going to give you the best tips and ideas on how to keep your house clean all the time so you don’t have to face the rooms in your home that are pictured in this book!

So, if you already feel you are king or queen of your home – with the home that is always clean, always proper, de-cluttered, and organized makes you feel so much better about your life. You spend the time for a welcoming home no matter what day of the week it is, but hopefully, you will read my tips and ideas, find new ways to cut your time in cleaning, and how to use the cleaners that you already use in multiple ways. Saving you time, energy, and money is what this book is all about.

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