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When Not to Clean!

When Not to Clean!

There are going to be certain times of your life when it is actually going to be good, not to clean or at least, not to clean as much! What I mean by this is cleaning the house when you are expecting company for a dinner party is different than when you are cleaning the house for when your ten year old is having a birthday party.

If you are have lots of children expected, or if you are going to be babysitting, you might not want to clean as much until after the children are gone.

The mud and dirt that gets tracked in, the food that gets dropped on the floor, and the drinks that get spilled in these situations are only going to upset you more if you were to have the spotless house before.

However, when you know you are going to have this type of situation going on, spot clean and sweep the floors, but do all your heavy cleaning after everyone leaves. There is no real sense in wasting your energy because you know you will clean again, when everyone is gone.

Every once in a while you just arenít up to cleaning the house and this is normal. Just take the day off knowing that you have been keeping up on your house and that it really isnít too bad if you miss one day.

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