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Walk in Closets

Walk in closets

Do you dread walking in the walk in closets in your home? Are these the places where you hide all that stuff you donít want floating around in other parts of your home? Organizing and a quick cleaning is what your walk in closets are going to need, even though your company and guests never see these areas Ė you might as well finish up the entire house while you are on a cleaning spree!

What you really should do is take everything, yes I mean everything out of the walk in closet. From there you can sort through what you want, what you need, and where stuff should really be kept.  Throw away stuff that you really donít know why you ever kept, and give away clothes, shoes, and jackets to families who need them if you donít wear them.

In the walk in closet, you will need to clean the walls and ceilings with a hot soapy water, maybe change the air freshener, clean the heater vent out with the sweeper and run a wet rag over the shelving in the closet to make sure you got all the dust out of the walk in closet.

It is going to take you more time to actually go through what you store in this closet, but the result is going to be that you have more room, and it is going to be a clean room that you will not have to worry about for another six months to a year! Because you donít really have a mess in the walk in closet with your muddy shoes, and your pets arenít ever in the walk in, this room should be fairly clean and all you have to do is get busy organizing!

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