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The Nursery

The nursery

The nursery is a room in the house that is going to have more odors and stains than dirt like the other rooms in the house. If you are on a deep cleaning binge, you should only wipe down the walls with wood soap, mild dish soap and water where needed. You are not going to want to expose a young child of any age to the smell and odors of chemicals if you can help it.

The ceiling and walls in the nursery are most likely just going to be dusty, maybe a few cob webs but no real dirt or grime to worry about. Cleaning the pictures in the room with window cleaner and drying them off will leave them streak free.

In the nursery, you still have to polish your wood trim, doors, and woodwork so that it will not dry out and crack over the years in the sun, heat, and the cool air of air conditioning. 

The crib is best washed down with soap and water that you dry off. Drying the crib after washing it will remove not, only any dirt but soap left behind as well. Toddlers still in the crib will bite on and suck on the crib rails so you do not want to put any cleaners of any strength on the crib.

Washing the sheets and blankets in the crib are going to have to be done more often than your sheets and blankets. Babies in diapers often cause more messes with diaper leaks, milk spillage, and the occasional vomit.

Cleaning the sheets and blankets for the baby should be done in a mild soap that will not provoke any type of allergic reaction.  Bleach, vinegar, and even spray carpet cleaner can be put over the stains on blankets and sheets before throwing them in the washer. Oxyclean is another stain fighter that you can use to get baby stains out before washing them.

Odors in the nursery are often a part of other things. Diapers, the diaper pail, the laundry basket, sheets, blanket, and yes – bottles that occasionally dropped and are forgotten about all of which can cause so many odors!

To fight odors in the nursery you will want to clean out the diaper pail at least weekly. Wiping down the diaper pail, inside and out with a full strength germ killer prevents odors. Putting a lid on the diaper pail is going to trap odors inside the diaper pail and keep the room much fresher.

The laundry basket that holds all the sheets, blankets, and the clothes that can have urine, other nasty accidents, and milk or vomit on them should have a lid on it as well. Sometimes you can get to be too busy to do the laundry for a day or two so the laundry in the nursery can begin to get stinky and a lid does the trick.

When you do have the time, wiping down the inside and the outside of the laundry basket is important. Urine smells, milk smells, or vomit smells are still inside the laundry basket even after you have removed the laundry for the week.

The nursery is an area that most likely will not have too many spills on the floor, unless it is from you dropping the bottle, dropping the diaper or tracking in something from another area of the home. The flooring in your nursery should be swept every day or so to keep hair, dander and dirt to a minimum. Of course, this will be difficult since the small child sleeps so much.

Some of the best stain fighters that you can use in the nursery for the carpeting are going to be a good supply of a spray carpet cleaner. Most of these, you can spray on and let it sit for up to an hour until you have the chance to clean it. This comes in handy, as you are most likely busy with the baby when stains happen.

Stain sticks that you use in the laundry on your colored clothing can be used on the carpeting as well. Using a stain stick on the carpeting does give you extra time to get yourself together, and then come back and clean this stained area.

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