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No matter what time of the year you are going to start your cleaning tasks, there are many tips that you can use to make the process, fun, complete, germ free, and for the whole family. Here are few more inspirations for cleaning the house:

Start your cleaning projects when you know you are going to have the whole entire day to devote to your tasks. Starting and stopping can be one of the most frustrating things, and will only lead to putting off cleaning and organizing longer, which is a messy house!

Make a chart of all the chores that need to be done on a regular basis by the children and hang it somewhere that both of you will remember. In their bedroom, on the fridge, in the laundry or in the playroom – a list of what needs done can be checked off as it is done.

A listing of what you are going to tackle in any room hung on the refrigerator is going to help you realize how much more you have to do in your day. Write down what you want to do and scratch it off as you get it done.

Don’t forge that your windows all over the house are going to need cleaned. This could very well be an all day task as you wash the inside and the outside of your windows. Plan well using clean rags, window cleaner, and a stepladder for those hard to reach spots.

When you are cleaning around the outside of your home, you are bound to find bees under your siding, in the soffit and sometimes in the eaves of the house. Carry bee killer while you are cleaning the siding on the house.

Take a walk around the outside of your home. Do you like the way your windows are nice and dark at night or do you need more drapes or blinds. A home that you can see directly in the windows doesn’t look very nice from the outside no matter where you live.

Woodwork inside and outside that has peeling paint, paint that is fading in color and paint that does not match the rest of your home makes your home look unkept and sometimes older than what it really is. Repaint portions of your home that need a good scraping and paint to make it all look neat and gleaming!

All types of storage solutions can be found in the largest retailers near you.  Most often large plastic containers with lids are an inexpensive yet long last way to protect and store your stuff in the attic, basement and even under the bed.

When you are organizing your home, cleaning out the closets, cleaning out the walk ins, and the attic, create a large pile of ‘stuff’ and have a yard sale or a garage sale – or put it on ebay and make a bit of money while you are cleaning out the house!

Print this little “thing” out and keep it with you while you are cleaning out the house. It will remind you of what your goals are when you are sorting through stuff in the house:

Trash it
Give it
Store it
Use it

If you aren’t using it now, you can store it. If you haven’t used it in two years, get rid of it in one way or another!

What else is going to keep your home looking great? If you have too much time on your hands and you are looking for something else too do try to tackle a few of these projects!

  • Give the dog a bath
  • Get in that closet and make sure everything still fits you
  • Get rid of shoes that you don’t like to wear – why keep them?
  • Go through the make up drawer and pitch stuff you don’t like
  • Get rid of medications that are outdated.
  • Change the battery in your fire alarm
  • Do you have a smoke detector in every bedroom?
  • Get a fire extinguisher for the kitchen
  • Get rid of the magazines you have already read once
  • Clean the inside of the toaster
  • Change the kitty litter
  • Fix the leaky pipe
  • Fix the leaky faucet
  • Unclog that drain
  • Clean out the vents
  • Fix that broken screen
  • Get online and start selling stuff you don’t need
  • Put pictures in the scrap book
  • Play a game with your child
  • Send a letter to someone you haven’t talked to in a while!
  • Arrange your family photos on the shelving with new pictures
  • Get out there and plant a few flowers
  • Sweep off the stairs to the basement
  • Give your family stuff your kids have out grown.

Collect every thing in the house that you have borrowed from someone and give it back!

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