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The Playroom

The Playroom

The kidís playroom is going to be all a repeat of the childrenís bedroom but without having to deal with the mattress and bed. You might have a couch or a few chairs in the playroom, but going back to the living room you can learn more about how to deal with the stains, smells, and the cleaning of these items.

You will need to start with a deep cleaning of the playroom, organizing and washing everything down from the ceiling, the wall and even the floor. Donít forget to get rid of as many things as you can that the children seem to have outgrown and what they donít play with anymore. Our children seem to have so many things and we really need to keep weeding out the toys to make room for even more toys on birthdays and holidays.

When you are cleaning out the toy room one thing you are going to do a little differently is start stacking all the toys in boxes, toy boxes, storage chests and on the shelves. Older children need to start putting their stuff away every time they are done playing with them and this will really help in keeping the entire house cleaner and more organized.

The toys that you do keep should be washed down with hot soapy water as much as possible.  This is going to keep any germs that are floating around in the playroom to a minimum. 

If you always have many extra children in your house, cleaning the most played with toys about once a week with a bleach and water solution is going to keep germs off the toys.

The playroom windows, doors and walls are going to be heavy with dirt and oil from the childrenís fingers. If you have older children the walls might not be so bad, but the smaller children are known for putting their hands everywhere. You may need to wash the lower portions of your walls off every two weeks to keep this dirt from getting out of control.

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